• Sunday Morning Sermon Series - “The whole Old Testament is ours as Christians. That means that every word of the Old Testament is inspired and profitable AND connects to Christ in some way. Esther shows us God’s providential care from “behind the scenes” for His redemptive plan and promise of a Savior for the world to come from the Jews."

  • Sunday Evening Sermon Series - “Christ is the focus of all of Scripture. In this series we seek to uncover His centrality in the Old Testament, wherein He is often thought to be absent but yet shines brightly when we let God’s word speak for itself.” 

  • Tuesday Night Study - “Every church says they believe the Bible, but what do they believe the Bible to teach? Confessions of faith guide us into answering that question. Written by a committee of brilliant, God-fearing men almost 350 years ago, the 1689 Confession of Faith is a trustworthy outline of what the Bible teaches. It remains exceedingly useful as a teaching tool and as guardrails of orthodoxy for us today.”

  • “As the church we must preach Christ. Everything thing we do, certainly every sermon we preach, must proclaim the person and work of Christ. We concur with the hymn, “hallelujah, all I have is Christ!”

  • Previous Sunday morning sermon series - “This book of the New Testament is widely known as the “gospel of God.” It is theological propaganda. John is not merely endeavoring to inform the reader of a historical figure. John is unabashedly seeking to convince every reader to repent of their sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness and eternal life.” 

  • Previous Sunday evening series - “Christ's church needs digestible categories of biblical truth to maintain faithfulness in every age. The Westminster Shorter Catechism helps us achieve this by ordering major headings of doctrines into an easy-to-remember question and answer format.”

  • Previous Sunday morning sermon series -“Too often groups calling themselves ‘churches’ have no biblical grounding as to why they do what they do. In order to glorify God and be useful for the salvation of souls and sanctification of believer, the church must be ordered according to God’s Word.” 

  • “Find here sermons delivered by preachers other than the senior pastor and sermons not connected to a larger series."