• Sunday Morning Sermon Series - The Brass Tacks of The Christian Life.

  • How should we in the church view the OT? That question is best answered by studying the OT chapter by chapter through a Christological lens. This series exists to equip the saints with the knowledge of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ by examining the marvelous texts of the OT.

  • Tuesday Night Study - “Every church says they believe the Bible, but what do they believe the Bible to teach? Confessions of faith guide us into answering that question. Written by a committee of brilliant, God-fearing men almost 350 years ago, the 1689 Confession of Faith is a trustworthy outline of what the Bible teaches. It remains exceedingly useful as a teaching tool and as guardrails of orthodoxy for us today.”

  • “Find here sermons delivered by preachers other than the senior pastor and sermons not connected to a larger series."