• Sunday Morning Sermon Series - The book of Ephesians is one of the letters the apostle Paul wrote to encourage the churches while he himself was in prison. In this book the church has explained to her what her mysterious riches are as she in found to be in Christ as His eternal bride, and how she is to be living while she awaits His return. 

  • How should we in the church view the OT? That question is best answered by studying the OT chapter by chapter through a Christological lens. This series exists to equip the saints with the knowledge of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ by examining the marvelous texts of the OT.

  • Tuesday Night Study - “Every church says they believe the Bible, but what do they believe the Bible to teach? Confessions of faith guide us into answering that question. Written by a committee of brilliant, God-fearing men almost 350 years ago, the 1689 Confession of Faith is a trustworthy outline of what the Bible teaches. It remains exceedingly useful as a teaching tool and as guardrails of orthodoxy for us today.”

  • “Find here sermons delivered by preachers other than the senior pastor and sermons not connected to a larger series."