Covid-19 update

Brothers and Sisters, 


We find ourselves in truly strange times. The coronavirus becoming a global pandemic is something unforeseen by any of us. All of us have faced jarring lifechanges with work, school, family, and now church. And yet in all of this turmoil, we know that God is still on the throne. 


In light of recent announcements by Collin County and the White House, your elders and I at Faith Bible believe it to be in accordance with Romans 13:1-7 for our church to not hold services this Sunday and to refrain from holding services until our governing authorities tell us otherwise. 


Your elders and I do not feel that acquiescing to the government’s request to cancel church gatherings is cowardly or setting a bad precedent for us in the future for several reasons. First, all gatherings are being asked to cancel not just churches. Second, we are not being asked to cancel because the gospel or the Scriptures are deemed detrimental in these times. And third, we want to be faithful to Christ’s call to “love your neighbor as yourself.” By cooperating with public health officials in stopping the spread of this virus we show that Christ-like love of neighbor. 


During this season of disjointed church life, the elders and I want to inform of our plan to care for the flock at Faith Bible:

1) Hosting an online Bible Study at 10:30 Sunday mornings for you through Facebook live

2) Providing a Spotify song list for families wanting to sing together during their at-home worship times

3) Providing for church members who would welcome a visit at their home for prayer, soul care, and community connectivity

4) Encouraging church members to remain connected to each other in feasible and appropriate ways for prayer and edification

5) Being available for questions, concerns, emergencies, or conversation

6) Keeping you up to date on the church schedule and forecasting


I would encourage each of you to make a point of using these strange Sunday mornings intentionally. Get the kids up, put your coffee on, have a Bible in your lap, and maybe even get dressed out of your pjs for the 10:30 am Bible study. For no other reason but to mark out those mornings for purposeful worship and reflection upon our great God and Savior. 


In conclusion, what great comfort we have in a sovereign God who has reached down to us and personally related to us through His Son Jesus Christ! We have a wonderful opportunity for gospel conversations with neighbors and friends during these strained days. I pray we all use them to the best of our abilities


The Lord bless and keep you all. 


Pastor Stuart

Psalm 62:5-8